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For centuries, the ancient Chinese practiced and refined the tradition of foot reflexology. Your body nerves concentrate at your feet. Regular foot massage not only feels good while improving circulation, but its therapeutic benefits enhance every bodily function. Quite simply, foot massage rebalances your body's chi -- or energy while releasing stress build-up from our bustling lives.

Pressure points along key meridians can improve back pain, vital organ function, and overall sense of health and well being.  


Our treatment starts with an herbal-infused foot soak and soothing head massage. Warm water envelops your aching feet to soften and detoxify your skin, leading to total relaxation and often a deep rest.


Each of our skilled therapists undergoes extensive training in the art of foot massage and will adjust the pressure to your liking.


We use only high-grade natural and organic body creams. Our therapists work every bone and pressure point on your foot, including your toes, heel, ball, ankle, calves and knees. 


To round out your experience, we also perform hand, back, gluteus and leg massage while clothed on our oversized leather recliners. 


Foot massage is available in sixty and ninety minute sessions. You may also combine foot massage progressing to a full-body massage in a clean private room.


When we're all done, we wipe you down from head to toe with steamed towels, reflecting the warmth of our service and attention to detail. 


Business Hours:

Mon-Thur 10:00am - 10:30pm
Fri - Sun 10:00am - 11:00pm


Lucky Feet Massage

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